Construction to begin on Elm Grove Senior Apartments

The excavation of the building foundation and underground parking garage began this week.

In order to make Elm Grove Heights a reality, the parcel of land at 13040 W. Bluemound Road, needed to be rezoned from B-3 Mid-Rise Office and Professional District to the Rm-2 Multiple-Family Residential District.

According to the formal zoning request submitted to the village last December by Horizon Development Group, Inc., Elm Grove Heights will help stimulate the village’s next economic cycle by keeping higher income seniors in the village and promoting turnover of existing homes.

Horizon also said that senior housing will likely have a lower impact on Bluemound Road traffic when compared to other businesses allowed under the B-3 designation, such as a hotel.

“Amending the Comprehensive Plan to accommodate Elm Grove Heights will help meet the housing demand for the Village’s rapidly expanding senior population,” wrote Horizon Managing Partner Philip Schulz in the request.”

Elm Grove’s Comprehensive Plan explains that as of 2000, over 34% of residents will be over the age of 64.