We have owned multi-family residential property for over forty years and as a result we have a number of properties and a number of different management companies. Without a doubt, Hori­zon Management Services does the best job for us overall. Horizon Management Services is ex­tremely professional in all aspects of managing our properties, particularly as it relates to finan­cial reporting and property upkeep.

James P. Gantz, 
J.P. Star Housing Cooperative

Your annual dedication to providing quality hous­ing units at affordable costs to Wisconsin families is deserving of the highest recognition. WHEDA and the State of Wisconsin enthusiastically thank you for your continuing efforts to consistently maintain attractive properties and we congratu­late you on receiving this industry distinction. We look forward to and anticipate awarding more Su­perior Ratings to Horizon Management Group in the years to come.

Connie Martin, 
Manager, Risk and Compliance,